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Communities everywhere are vulnerable to climate change and reductions in biodiversity. While youth are growing up in a climate activist world with heightened environmental awareness, adults feel powerless to effect any meaningful change because of the sheer size and scale of the climate change and environmental impact issues and a lack of skills regarding where to start. This compendium consolidates 32 INSPIRATIONAL CASE STUDIES collected from biodiversity and climate action changemakers at the community level throughout Europe. Sustainability is not an endpoint, nor is there a one-size-fits-all solution especially when it comes to communities, as each has its own unique ecosystem, and local ecological and cultural traits. By showcasing these case studies, we offer a wide view of communities in action and first-hand experience of Climate Champions across Europe. We have divided the 32 case studies into 5 categories of good practices.

Learning from others

For each good practice that we have collected, we present some of the basic facts related to the detailed information of the initiatives, the evidence of success, the sharing and learning, the transferability of the initiatives and the volunteering associations involved behind the initiatives, as well as the contact details of the persons responsible. By doing this, we want to inspire community groups to replicate those activities in their territories or improve the already existing initiatives that they are implementing.

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