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If human population growth continues at the current pace, the world will run out of food by 2050.

New ways of growing and transporting food are helping address the problem and Ukraine, long known as the ‘breadbasket of Europe,’ plays a key role in developing more efficient models.

“Agriculture is a very critical sector for Ukraine and innovation is key for its development,” Sonja Caymaz, Senior Editor at Longitude, Financial Times Group “Sustainability is the basis of any agricultural activity in the world… we cannot afford simply to reduce yields, food needs to come from somewhere when we will have 10 billion people. I would hate to see agriculture consume the last undeveloped lands in the world,” said Huber (an Integrated Field Sciences EMEA Leader at Corteva Agriscience)

However, without public trust, innovations can fail quickly. He called on the public to trust science when it comes to the viability of agritech in the industry.

To read more about the what the Future of Food panel had to say at the Kyiv Post’s eighth annual Tiger Conference, follow the link:

December 19th, 2019|Latest News

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