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Communities everywhere are vulnerable to climate change and reductions in biodiversity.

While youth are growing up in a climate activist world with heightened environmental awareness, adults feel powerless to effect any meaningful change because of the sheer size and scale of the climate change and environmental impact issues and a lack of skills as to where to start.

While climate change education is emerging in formal education, it is hard to find, and access is lacking in the provision of training in local community settings. Biodiversity content is harder to find in formal and informal learning settings. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Changes must arise from a community-centered process of learning how to live sustainably and regeneratively in a particular locality with its ecological and cultural uniqueness.

The Climate Champions project provides communities with inclusive, driven means by which adults are educated as community champions and by so doing contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and 6 of it 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Climate Champions meets the needs of our partnership in several following ways:

  • It opens a new field of learning with a very tangible social inclusion intent and reach
  • Uncovers transferrable learning solutions to empower community biodiversity and climate change champions.

At the same time a new training product will enhance their educational reach & allow them to apply their environmental learning at a strategic level to a community setting. Some partners will be able to expand from their youth and schools’ educational programmes and transfer this knowledge to the adult population.

Who Will Benefit?

Adult Learners

particularly those not currently involved in the community, to be motivated to increase their civic, personal, and interpersonal, and digital capacity in respect of biodiversity and climate change. They typically live in areas with no access to specialist education provision and form part of a minority community. Climate Champions will address and solve environmental and biodiversity challenges through empowering people at local, micro, community level across Europe through easy to use, education empowerment. 

Not For Profit Volunteers From Cause And Community Organisations

will have a channel through which they can become BCC Champions, uniquely positioned in their local communities to promote positive change, galvanize others and create social impact. They will learn from transferrable examples. Social scientists tell us that people are more likely to feel motivated to act when they are not starting from scratch, and when they feel like there is already movement toward a goal. 

Education Bodies

will incorporate Climate Champions resources as part of their adult education offering. They recognise the value of training environmental champions but lack the pedagogical strategies to teach it to others. Our open source resources respond comprehensively in a practical, cost effective manner. 

Biodiversity & Climate Action Advocates, NGOs, networks, regional skills authorities

who wish to promote holistic approaches to working with communities, focusing on changing mindsets and promoting local solutions to biodiversity and climate action challenges"

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