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We are excited to announce that the outcome of our efforts during all this period is available for everyone interested! Our Climate Champions Communities in Action Best Practice Compendium is deep self-guided learning opportunity featuring Biodiversity and Climate Change Best Practices throughout Europe. The best practices that we have collected, have been categorized into 5 five sections:

  1. Biodiversity Conservation in the Community.
  2. Green Community Energy.
  3. Community Waste Management Recycling Programmes.
  4. Community Water Conservation.
  5. Community Learning and Sustainability Initiatives.

By doing this, we want to inspire community groups to replicate those activities in their territories or improve the already existing initiatives that they are implementing.

We invite you to use these links and explore and engage with the case studies and best practices in more detail and apply the learning in your own communities!

Website Link of the Compendium:

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